2 essential functions of the question word 怎么 …

2 essential functions of the question word 怎么 /zěnme/ HOW

1) HOW to do something
2) HOW is it possible that something has (hasn’t) happened




Part of words: 

中文 /zhōngwén/ MANDARIN

文化 /wénhuà/ CULTURE

文学 /wénxué/ LITERATURE

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NEW GRAMMAR SECTION with dynamic example sentences with TOP quality audio > > HERE < <


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日本人不笨 /Rìběnrén bù bèn/ JAPANESE AREN&rsquo;T …

人不 /Rìběnrén bù bèn/ JAPANESE AREN’T STUPID

本 /běn/ means A ROOT or A BASE

It is a part of the word 日本 /Rìběn/ JAPAN

It is also a phonetic part of the character 笨 /bèn/ STUPID

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Simple explanation – Practical example sentences – TOP quality audio

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梦 /mèng/ DREAM

梦 /mèng/ DREAM

The bottom is 夕 /xī/ ‘night’ with 林 /lín/ ‘forest’ on top.

TO DREAM is 做梦 /zuò mèng/ lit. TO MAKE A DREAM

我 做 了 很 有意思 的 梦。/Wǒ zuò le hěn yǒuyìsi de mèng./ I DAD A VERY INTERESTING DREAM.

Do you know the story of Master Zhuang, who dreamt that he was a butterfly? If not, look it up!

Imprime e cola no teto do quarto. Aí todo dia …

Imprime e cola no teto do quarto. Aí todo dia que você acordar e abrir os olhos vai dar de cara com essa frase maravilhosa que vai te fazer lembrar do quão importante você é pra sua vida!

Fiquei ausente uns dias pra me aprimorar na arte de me amar, de me fortalecer e conseguir trazer uma mensagem bacana pra você <3


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Update from chineseffect WEB:We have updated a…

Update from chineseffect WEB:

We have updated a lot of new interactive example sentences with top-quality audio to the GRAMMAR section (which has been redesigned as you can see on the picture above).

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