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What is 生意 BUSINESS, really? 

Business is everything that gives our life MEANING!

There is a wonderful logic in most Chinese words.

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Welcome to my INSTAGRAM

地球哺育我们 /Dìqiú bǔyù wǒmen/ EARTH FEEDS US

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The best things in life don’t have anything to do with money or economic growth.

We have to cherish these things and moments, otherwise our greed-based socio-economic system will suck it all out of our lives.

 了 /le/ has two key functions:

1. When you put it right behind the verb, it indicates, that the action is finished – see interactive examples HERE

2. Or you can put it at the end of a sentence to indicate that the state has changed – examples HERE

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Older version of this visual had a typo: ITS instead of IT’S. Sorry for that!

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