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Hello guys!

Hello guys!

Couple of weeks ago I recommended to you the movie 升级 /shēngjí/UPGRADE.

I liked it so much that I’ve even dedicated 一个 /yīge/ ONE 特殊的 /tèshū de/ SPECIAL 网页 /wǎngyè/ PAGE to it.

Check it out to learn about the basic plot of this film in English and Chinese and to learn the words like ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, AUTONOMOUS CARS, SMART HOUSE, ATTACK, DISABLED PERSON, CHIP and much more.

– Interactive Dynamic Sentences (click on English to get Chinese)

– Original Flashcards

– Top Quality Audio


Learning should always be an inspiring and spi…

Learning should always be an inspiring and spirit-elevating activity, not something that you have to force yourself to do.

Therefor learning materials should be something that you are looking forward to – and not just something that you use because there isn’t anything better.

“Good enough” isn’t good enough.

We live in 21st Century and that means that learning materials should finally take full advantage of technical and creative possibilities that are available to us now.

Here is my vision of how it can look.

Chineseffect proudly presents: Phases of a day.

More videos HERE

上 /shàng/ is a concept of UP

上 /shàng/ is a concept of UP

opposite concept of DOWN is 下 /xià/ 

More on that here:

多少 /duōshǎo/ HOW MUCH, HOW MANY

多少 /duōshǎo/ HOW MUCH, HOW MANY

___ __ _

Many words in Mandarin are created either by combining synonyms or by combining antonyms. This is the second case.

We think the etymology of this word goes something like this:

People were asking for instance – ARE THERE MANY PEOPLE? or ARE THERE FEW PEOPLE? – so in fact HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE THERE?

___ __ _

Practice using 多少 /duōshǎo/ on practical example sentences! 

See it in English – Try to translate it – Click on it to see and hear it in Mandarin!


___ __ _

Other question words with dynamic example sentences >HERE<

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Chineseffect is a web-app!

As you can see on the visual 上 /shàng/ is an u…

As you can see on the visual 上 /shàng/ is an universal concept of UP.

We can use it as a verb, as a place specification, as part of other nouns…

The opposite is 下 /xià/ DOWN.

___ __ _


回来 &lt;huílái&gt; TO COME BACK, TO RETURN


你几点要回来?/Nǐ jǐ diǎn yào huílái?/ AT WHAT TIME WILL YOU COME BACK?

___ __ _

I made this kind of visuals several years ago at the very beginning of chineseffect project.

Now the whole thing has evolved rapidly and you can use the interactive features of our web, which is becoming more and more advanced and useful every day.


Don’t forget to click on everything that is clickable 🙂

交 /jiāo/ TO EXCHANGE

交 /jiāo/ TO EXCHANGE

When we pay, we EXCHANGE MONEY for a product or a service.

When we are FRIENDS with someone, we EXCHANGE experiences and help.

In order to develop our society, we promote 文化交流 /wénhuà jiāoliú/ CULTURAL EXCHANGE.

交 /jiāo/ is also part of all kinds of sexual intercourse.

___ __ _


(to be) GOOD 好 /hǎo/ is when…A WOMAN 女 /nǚ/ ha…

(to be) GOOD 好 /hǎo/
is when…
A WOMAN 女 /nǚ/
has  A CHILD (or A BOY) 子 /zǐ/

___ __ _

You will find this visual in DAY 2 of our unique DAY-BY-DAY LEARNING PROGRAM, which – based on our web analytics – is becoming more and more popular. 

That makes us very happy!

See the opposites:

See the opposites:

/gāng/ or 刚才 /gāngcái/ JUST

马上 /mǎshang/ IMMEDIATELY

___ __ _

We use /gāng/ when something JUST HAPPENED

and 马上 /mǎshang/ when something IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN

___ __ _

The particle 了 /le/ at the end of a sentence indicates a CHANGE OF STATE


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