Guys, I gotta tell you that I’m really d…

Guys, I gotta tell you that I’m really deeply disgusted with what Tumblr is turning into – not necessarily because I would need to watch porn here, but because I like to be a part of an environment where people are treated as adults with their own free will.  

And it is such a shame because technologically it is such an amazing platform (and philosophically it used to be as well).

That means that you will very probably be seeing Chineseffect posts less frequently than before.

But – let’s be positive!

We just recently redefined the homepage – that means that every time you come, you will find a new content – all types of engaging content actually.

So if you are serious about your Mandarin progress, I recommend that you make visits to our homepage a part of your everyday routine – because from the homepage you can organically dive into a wide universe of studying materials.

Let’s hope that this stupid – stupid – stupid – move of the new Tumblr owners who obviously don’t understand this community at all will inspire some developers to catch this opportunity and create something similar and even better.

 微机室机会 /wēijī shì jīhuì/ A CRISIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY.