So sad 🙁

Tumblr was like the internet within the internet – everything was possible – and now it is moving in the boneless Instagram direction.

What the owners don’t realize is that sexuality is a VERY POWERFUL FORCE and that many people would come to Tumblr dashboard because deep down they knew that they will find some nice asses and boobs there – among other things obviously.

It has been this unique and vivid mix of fine arts, new German vocabulary, funny videos and hot anal action that made Tumblr so special for me in the first place.

So special that I’ve invested a huge amount of energy to create this original blog that is full of valuable educational content and has thousands of amazing followers.

But now? What’s next?

I’m a very freedom-oriented person and it makes me really sad to see that the freedom of expression has received this punch in the face from the platform that used to be a symbol of liberty.

But I guess that that’s life, old must die to free the place for new.

I’m about to look deeper into Mastodon and I will keep you updated.

Till I find a better solution, I will keep posting here – but not with love like before, sadly.