I just found that Chineseffect is obviously a …

I just found that Chineseffect is obviously a great source of inspiration for some people out there. 🙂

And even though the version on the right side has more informations, I think that the original version is better. 

Not just visually but also from the educational point of view, because you can see the pairs 早上 & 晚上 and 上午 & 下午 – and also because it doesn’t overdose you with not so useful stuff. 

More is less.

It is a shame that Hanbridge didn’t put 早上 there – instead they put 早晨 (and I thinks that is because they didn’t want it to look the same). 🙂

早晨 is fine but 早上 and 晚上 is a pair much easier to remember (because it has the same ending) and I’m quite sure that 早上 is overall more commonly used.

Speaking of which I have heart words like 黄昏 or 黎明 that you can find in Hanbridge version very rarely – and I’m in daily contact with Chinese people. These are the words that you will be maybe using on the level, where you don’t need materials like this – at least according to my point of view.

To put it simply again: more is less – and that is exactly what I’m attempting to do with Chinesefect – simplifying Mandarin learning for you so that it is easier for you to be able to use it as soon as possible and to see the beautiful logic of this magical language.

To be able to use it properly as soon as possible, you need to know that is worth learning at your level.

And it is a primary responsibility of the teachers of the language to help students orient themselves in the language – that means teaching them what they will actually need and cutting off the stuff that is irrelevant at their level.

But on the other hand – Hanbridge version can be better for some people that already actively know the actually useful words and want to enrich their vocabulary – and maybe that is your case.

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And one more thought.

There are two ways how to look at this “being inspired” situation.

Western tradition would see this as a simple stealing.

In Chinese tradition being inspired and copying someone else is a way of paying respect to the original author.

My view stands somewhere in between – I think that people should try to bring new ideas and solutions, but on the other hand, I’m honoured.


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Your ideas are welcome!