THOUGHTS SHAPE REALITY____ ___ __ _We have bee…


Sīxiǎng sùzào chū xiànshí


____ ___ __ _

We have been raised in a materialistic culture.
We believe that mind is a result of our biological parts and processes.
We think of ourselves in terms of software and hardware, just as if we were machines.

Maybe there is a reason why we are so massively brainwashed with this materialistic ideology.

People who know what they can accomplish when they gradually learn how to make their dreams come true are much more self-confident and they usually don’t end up as someone else’s slaves.

Our thoughts co-shape the world around us. We are the co-creators of our lives.

Our dying world needs massive awakening of fine and decent people, who won’t forget that power has a straight connection to responsibility.

It is up to you!