GRAMMAR WEDNESDAY – preposition 对 /duì/

GRAMMAR WEDNESDAY – preposition 对 /duì/

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The primary meaning of 对 /duì/ is OPPOSITE – in the sense THE OPPOSITE SIDE, or even TO OPPOSE something.

If you are often with Chinese people, you often hear this 对 /duì/ in the meaning YES, THAT’S RIGHT.

It sounds illogical, but there is a reason for that.

Imagine that you put two things that are opposite each other close to each other so that they are actually touching – and you find that they FIT just RIGHT. The fact of fitting is 对 /duì/.

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Anyway, today is time for grammar, so we will look into another function of this word.

对 /duì/ is a very important preposition.

When you want to say that something is too expensive FOR you or that smoking isn’t good FOR health, you use 对 /duì/.

对 /duì/ if FOR – but not in the sense that we have bought something for someone, but in the situations when we are describing attitude TO something or influence of one thing TO another.

Basically we take a phenomenon and put it OPPOSITE us (or someone or something else), we CONFRONT ourselves with it and say what the result of that confrontation is.

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