If you want to be able to actually speak, ther…

If you want to be able to actually speak, there is no way around it – you need to APPROACH the language ACTIVELY.

Forming sentences on your own is very different from passive reading and listening.

When you form your sentences, you obviously need a relevant feedback – either from your friend or a tutor.

You can also use our dynamic interactive sentences – for instance HERE, on the day 7 of our DAY BY DAY learning program.

Sentences are in English, so that you can try to translate them.

After you translated the sentence you CLICK on it to hear AUDIO and see the MANDARIN VERSION.

After you tried it on your own, the correct version of the sentence is much more likely to stay in your memory – especially if you give it some extra time to memorise it and review within 24 hours.

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Have fun with our more and more fluent Madarin!


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