Look at the character 正 /zhèng/ CORRECT, RIGHT…

Look at the character 正 /zhèng/ CORRECT, RIGHT, JUST, PROPER…

You see how clean and well-organized it is – no wonder it means CORRECT, JUST.

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Interesting thing – in English the word JUST can be used not just in the meaning CORRECT, but also in the meaning JUST NOW.

The same principle works in Chinese: 正在 /zhèngzài/ indicates that some action is happening right at the moment that we refer to.

我正在学习汉语 /Wǒ zhèngzài xuéxí hànyǔ/ I’M STUDYING MANDARIN RIGHT NOW

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Other words:

正常 /zhèngcháng/ (to be) NORMAL

正确 /zhèngquè/ CORRECT