乐 /lè/ pleasure

乐 /lè/ pleasure

乐 /yuè/ music

One of the main characteristics of HAPPINESS 乐 <lè> is that it comes spontaneously and it fades the very moment we try to catch it.

In this animation I tried to capture the elusiveness and yet the permament possible presence of HAPPINESS.

乐 has another reading /yuè/
In this reading the meaning is MUSIC. In Chinese tradition MUSIC and HAPPINESS are closely connected.

Some useful words:
快乐 /kuàilè/ HAPPY (happy new year!)
乐观 /lèguān/ OPTIMISTIC (happy-view)
俱乐部 /jùlèbù/ CLUB

音乐 /yīnyuè/ MUSIC
乐队 /yuèduì/ BAND