Hi guys!

Hi guys!

We are happy to present the pre-beta version of our new DAY BY DAY learning program web-app!

The DAY BY DAY program is interconnected and logical, grammar explanations are simple and they are based on a long-time teaching experience, and what is most important – the program builds your own ACTIVE ABILITY to form sentences.

How does it work?

  • review things from before (at this time you can review only words, but that will change with another release)
  • get acquainted with the new vocabulary using our original interactive flashcards
  • listen to top-quality audio with grammar explanation
  • form your own sentences and check them with our interactive dynamic sentences feature

It all comes in a beautiful CHINESEFFECT design.

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We are releasing it now even though some features are still missing (at this point you can’t get awards for instance).

Why are we releasing it now?

Because we know that it can be a very helpful tool already as people who are using it are giving us the best feedback. 

We will be very thankful for your feedback as well!

See it  >>HERE<<

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FM_yunfei and PJ Fila