Guys, this is IRONY! :)

Guys, this is IRONY! 🙂

The current trend in which Chinese Communist Party is taking China to the digital totalitarian dystopia, where every step of every citizen is monitored and evaluated, is making me feel very 心里不安 /xīnli bù ān/ (UNEASY/UNPEACEFUL IN HEART).

Unfortunately it seems to be the global trend.

Even the regimes in the countries that used to be the symbols of liberty are becoming less and less democratic and more and more openly serve the biggest corporations rather than its people.

We need to rediscover the value of discussion and of truly independent media. We also need to see the brutally damaging effect that corporations such as Facebook, Google and Amazon have on public opinion.

For instance facebook delivers content in order to keep you longer on their site, see more adds and click on more adds. How do they do that? Simply by delivering the content that you want to see or that will make you feel happy or outraged.

Informations that don’t support your point of view basically aren’t allowed to get on your timeline, because it is always uncomfortable to be confronted with something that is mentally challenging. Some people don’t handle it too well and that is risky for the corporation that wants to sell adds.

This (combined with the fear that people feel from the economic changes delivered by technology) is causing that the whole nations are getting more and more radical, because we are loosing our ability to be aware that there are always more angles to look at one problem.

And that is always the beginning of a big trouble.

Challenging times ahead of us, let the Force be with us!

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Anyway, the sound similarity of the words 当然 /dāngrán/ OF COURSE and 党 /dǎng/ PARTY (in Chinese context Communist Party, because there is no other party) inspired me to this wordplay. 🙂

Take care!

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