In this visual you see some of the most import…

In this visual you see some of the most important meanings of 会 /huì/ – which you probably know in the meaning TO BE ABLE TO (to have a learned skill), like in 我会说中文 /Wǒ huì shuō Zhōngwén/ I CAN SPEAK CHINESE.

However, now matter how many skills we have, there is no way that we would be able to do everything we need, so we have to gather (associate) with other people to survive – maybe that’s why we find 会 /huì/ in the words that have something to do with GATHERINGS, such as 晚会 /wǎnhuì/ EVENING PARTY or 开会 /kāihuì/ TO HOLD A MEETING.

When we are ABLE to do something, we have a POTENTIAL to do it – maybe that’s why we use 会 /huì/ to express that something MIGHT happen – that there is a potential of something happening.

Don’t ask me why we find it in the word A WHILE, we just have to accept it I guess. 🙂

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I hope my explanation will help you to remember all these different – but somehow interconnected meanings.

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Take care!