An episodic, drama-fueled round-up.



Television: Those on the up and up.

Steven Universe didn’t break a sweat getting to No. 1 after kicking off the Summer of Steven.
Voltron is No. 2 after some fans aired its dirty laundry…
Teen Wolf (No. 5) is growing up and moving on to its final season.

Movies: The comeback kids.

Moana (No. 4) will be the first Disney princess without a love interest, and we love that.
Doctor Strange returns to the list after the latest trailer release.
☆ Our favorite arachnid-influenced man has done it again. Spiderman: Homecoming debuts at No. 17.

Music: The drama is real. Part I.

Taylor “No, I didn’t” Swift is No. 1 and
Kanye “Yes, she did” West is No. 6 and
Katy Perry returns to No. 16. Less for the commentary tweets, more for her Summer Jock Jam.


Celebrities: The drama is real. Part II.

Kim Kardashian reveals her sleuthing skills, jumps to No. 1.
Kat Von D (No. 15) made a 14 minute video outlining exactly what she thought of Jeffree Star.
Leslie Jones, hero, rises to No. 2 after facilitating the ban of infamous Twitter troll.


Games: The drama is real: The Intermission. Enjoy your break.

Persona 5 debuts at No. 6 after debuting its opening movie. Games have movies now! Neat.
World of Warcraft returns to No. 14 as players prep for a demon invasion due out August 30.

Web stuff: The drama is real. Part III.

Jeffree Star debuts at No. 8 after clapping back to Kat with a 23 minute video response.
Carmilla returns to the list to No. 19, when what we really want is for Carmilla to return to YouTube.
Nerdy Nummies (No. 20) debuts after cooking Undertale donuts with Dan and Phil. That’s a whole lot of pop culture.